Developer for Veterans Entrepreneurial Act

President Barack Obama signed the Veterans Entrepreneurial Act (Vet Act) of 2015 into law on Sept 9, 2015. The Act makes it possible for eligible US Veterans to access GI bill funding as seed money for new entrepreneurial ventures, whether to start a new startup or buy into an existing idea.

Apollo Data Solutions offers everything needed to help you succeed, from startup consulting and assistance in setting up your legal structure, to helping you arrive at your product specification or develop an MVP or launch your full product. We can connect you with vetted legal and financial assistance and provide the proper technological guidance to help you create an SBA approved business plan. Our association with the Ensemble Coworking Space allows you to get access to subsidized office space.

So if you are a talented veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit, contact Apollo Data Solutions to see how we can make your vision a reality. Learn more about the Vet Act.