SEM or Search Engine Marketing is still the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring immediate relevant traffic to your Web site in a matter of days. While social media is gaining an increasing share of marketing budgets, SEM (i.e. Google ads or Google AdWords) is still the reigning champion for its ability to target users right when they are looking for your product.

At Apollo, our SEM solutions go beyond simple ads and incorporate complex analytics and goal tracking to make sure your campaign has positive ROI. Display network retargeting further allows you to stay in your customers' minds once they have left your Web site. We have run small campaigns for local NYC businesses ranging in the couple of hundred dollars a month to complex international marketing campaigns with $100,000+ budgets. Contact us to learn how we can help you get more customers.

We are intimately familiar with Google search ads (Google AdWords), Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest buyable pins, Twitter card ads, and various Remarketing Ad Networks.